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Got my shipment fast, excellent quality!! Will order again from this company! Thank you


Got my shipment fast, excellent quality!! Will order again from this company! Thank you

Good quality

Fast shipping and good quality product....until our next transaction... ----------- Re: Thank you for your kindly support we will do our best to...


Got my shipment fast, excellent quality!! Will order again from this company! Thank you

Quality jewelry

Beautiful jewelry. Fast express shipping with DHL. Trustworthy service. ------------- Re: Okay, thank you Trotto,we will do best to support yours...

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11, Trucking No. Notification

by Axues Jewelry Co.,Ltd | post a comment

List Trucking numbers(Recently Partly! ) as follows:




  (PS: the DHL Express will transfer an new trucking number due to their new system, if you are donn't know how to truck on their website please contact us at time with many tks! )


For the Original number(not the transfer numbers) Trucking route here(the Transfer trucking numbers can truck at the end of this page's links):


These trucking record is recently and partly, updated every day, when we send out your packages will send mail to make you noted, if some matter make you cann't receive you can login your member order infos for the trucking, if any problems please do not hesitate to contact us with many tks!





Country: Express /Original Trucking number(Airmail Parcel no include)    



Italy: HKDHL 6675138444
Italy: HKDHL 6675138282
Italy: HKDHL 6675138326
Italy: HKDHL 6675138293
Spain: HKDHL 6675138374
Italy: HKDHL 6675138363
Italy: HKDHL 6675133566
Italy: HKDHL 6675133570
Italy: HKDHL 6675133651
Italy: HKDHL 6675133640
Japan: HKDHL 6675138050
Italy: HKDHL 6675133592
Italy: HKDHL 6675138433
UAE: HKDHL 6675138411
Spain: HKDHL 6675138400
UAE: HKDHL 6678092525
ITALY: HKDHL 6675133765
Kuwait: HKDHL 6676133776
Australia: UPS H8273510393
ITALY: HKDHL 6675133721
ITALY: HKDHL 6675133813
UAE: HKDHL 6675133732
ITALY: HKDHL 6675133544
UAE: HKDHL 6675133533
USA: HKDHL 6675133614
UAE: HKDHL 6675133555
Italy : HKDHL 6675133883
Japan : HKDHL EE646638422CN
UK : HKDHL 6675133872
Italy : HKDHL 6675133861
Saudi Arabia : EMS EE646637838CN
Italy : HKDHL 6675133850
UAE : HKDHL 6675133846
Italy : HKDHL 6675133835
USA : HKDHL 6675133824
UAE : HKDHL 6675133780
Italy : HKDHL 6675133791
USA : HKDHL 6675133802
Spain : HKDHL 6675133662
Italy : HKDHL 6675133706
Ecuador : HKDHL 6675133673
Australia : UPS 6675133754
Australia : UPS 6675133743
Italy : HKDHL 6675133695
Kuwait : HKDHL 6675133710
Puerto Rico: HKDHL 6675133463
Italy: HKDHL 6675133430
Saudi Arabia: EMS EE646638485CN
Japan: EMS EE646638405CN
Spain: HKDHL 6675133441
Kuwait: HKDHL 6675133474
Italy: HKDHL 6675133496
Saudi Arabia: HKDHL 6675133522
Italy: HKDHL 6675133500
Puerto Rico: HKDHL 6675133511
Italy: HKDHL 6675133426
Italy: HKDHL 6675134001
Italy: HKDHL 6675134045
Italy: HKDHL 6675134012
Japan: EMS EE646638467CN
Kuwait: HKDHL 6675134034
Kuwait: HKDHL 6675134023
New ziland: HKDHL 6675133990
Kuwait: HKDHL 6675133986
Italy: HKDHL 6675133953
Italy: HKDHL 6675133942
Italy: HKDHL 6675133916
Kuwait: HKDHL 6675133905
Ecuador: HKDHL 6675133964
USA: HKDHL 6675134056
USA: HKDHL 6675133931
USA: HKDHL 6675133894
Saudi Arabia: HKDHL 6675133920
UK:HKDHL 6675131536
Italy:HKDHL 6675131433
USA:HKDHL 6675131455
Russia:EMS EE646635942CN
Singapore:HKDHL 6675131481
Denmark:HKDHL 6675131444
Australia:HKDHL 6675131573
Italy:HKDHL 6675131525
Saudi Arabia:EMS EE646638396CN
Australia:HKDHL 6675131466
Italy:HKDHL 6675131470
Pourto Rico:HKDHL 6675131503
French:HKDHL 6675131514
Australia:HKDHL 6675131422
Kurwait:HKDHL 6675131540
Italy:HKDHL 6675133382
Italy:HKDHL 6675133404
Italy:HKDHL 6675133371
Italy:HKDHL 6675133393
Italy:HKDHL 6675131562
Italy:HKDHL 6675133415
USA:HKDHL 6675133452
Italy: HKDHL 6676870174
Saudi Arabia: EMS EE646636086CN
Saudi Arabia: HKDHL 6675131411
USA: HKDHL 6675131551
Spain: HKDHL 6675131584
USA: HKDHL 6675131352
Israel: HKDHL 6675130991
Italy: HKDHL 6675130976
Israel: HKDHL 6675130980
Saudi Arabia: HKDHL EE646638555CN
Saudi Arabia: HKDHL 6675130954
Italy: HKDHL 6675062715
Italy: HKDHL 6675062726
Saudi Arabia: HKDHL 6675062763
Spain: HKDHL 6675062752
Saudi Arabia: HKDHL 6675062796
Italy: HKDHL 6675062800
Italy: HKDHL 9753277870
Spain: HKDHL 9883712602
Italy: HKDHL 6675062881
Italy: HKDHL 6675062951
USA: HKDHL 9883712591
Spain: HKDHL 6675062870
Russian: EMS EE646636112CN


Other trucking link please see :



DHL Express:


EMS Express:


Fedex Express:


Singapore Posting:


Hongkong Posting:


UPS Express: 


Or from your local courier's website.

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